Did you know you can use Musical.ly for business too?

The rampant use of the musical.ly app by tweens and teens brings to mind the song, “He’s got the whole world in his Hands…” The app has given every youngster the power to tap their creativity and produce videos of themselves acting and dancing with abundance and gaiety. It is a platform to let loose and connect with other like-minded youngsters. How can such a youth-centric platform be of any use to hardcore businesses? Let’s find out.

The needs of every business

Customers, customers, and more customers. Any business worth its salt will not let go of any opportunity to reach potential customers. Only with the right exposure can a brand hope to remain in the effervescent memory of today’s generation.

The next step is to identify who these potential customers are; what are their likes, dislikes, and expectations. If it is the youth that you are targeting then you must know that this community is a highly unstable and independent group of young people who are brash, hard to define and yet vulnerable and impressionable.

What makes Musical.ly different and so essential?

Musical.ly is about over 1 million young impressionable minds eager to lap put anything dished out to them in the right format. Then why shouldn’t you use this platform to further your business? The minute your brand finds itself a place in any of the 1million videos posted on the app each day, you have opened the doors to a huge consumer base.

The app has garnered 4.5 stars on the likeability scale showcasing its power over the youth – the future customers of your company. Since a lot of brand marketing which targets this age group depends on peer pressure, the exposure your brand will attain using the musical.ly app is staggering.

This group of people is known for their inadequate and short attention spans. So, in order to reach out to them, you must have content that is attractive and short. The musical.ly app gives you 15 seconds to convince your audience. With the correct content that is adequate time to create an impact on the young minds.

The most important thing, the reach, and capacity of this platform is still untapped, and you can hope to cash in on the ignorance of other businesses.

How to increase sales?

The musical.ly app’s potential as a business tool is immense and if you harnessed properly you can increase your sales significantly. Firstly, any company that wants to reach the large database of musical.ly must tie up with any star or an account that has a large following. Kids who watch and idolize these stars will naturally want to emulate them and subscribe to your services or purchase your products.

How to promote?

These budding stars can talk about the products and where they are used and what are the pros and cons thereby creating an awareness in the younger lot about your products and services. They can also encourage active participation for their followers while you conduct some contests and give away attractive prizes to the winners.

The most important point at this juncture is to not push too hard or you will lose your audience, remember you are dealing with a volatile generation whose reactions are hard to gauge. Your main aim must be to make yourself known; the young minds must be aware of your products and services and know where to contact you. Once a connection is established between the users and you, you can hope to keep reaching newer frontiers. you also use websites like muserfrenzy to promote your musical.ly profiles.

Steps to use musical.ly effectively

It is important that every department in your company is visible to the user. Ensure proper coverage is given to all.

You can conduct competitions between departments and encourage users to vote for their favorites. Provide a snap chat link for behind the scenes action.

Get your creative team to make a good morning video or one on how to overcome boredom at work all the while showcasing any particular department.

You could also do a comic strip about the product.

Make sure the content is engaging and fun.

Engage your audience; make them a part of your product by giving them a quick view of how your team functions or what kind of services you provide or even the nuances of what makes your product so unique and special.

You can make your audience privy to any upcoming events and give them a chance to maybe even attend it if it is feasible.

Final thoughts

Musical.ly may be small in size when compared with the well-known giants of social media, but that does not mean you can overlook its potential as a powerful business tool. Any business whose consumer base comprises of the youth must take this opportunity to use the musical.ly app to further their sales. Be rest assured that the growth curve of the app is upward and will stay there for some time.

How to Care For Your EarBuds and Extend Its Life

Ear Buds seem to be everywhere. Some teenagers just cannot do without these accessories. People going about their routine sporting the earbuds are a common sight. It is both a necessity and fashion trend to wear the earbuds while going for a walk, jog and work out. More than anything starting your day by listening to your favorite tunes will lighten up your day and provide the positive energy to get you through the rest of the day.

Common mistakes while using earbuds

These highly portable devices are easy to carry and are often seen plugged to the smartphones or audio devices. The earbuds are also the highly neglected accessory as it is subject to a lot of rough use. We just seem to throw it into our bags and forget about it until the next time we pick it up for use. We really do not care about keeping it clean or untangled until we experience reduced clarity and disturbances while using it. Any accessory if taken care properly will last long is a proven fact. Some of the common mistakes we do while using earphones

Winding it around the phone or any other audio device – We do not want to misplace the earbuds, hence it is always attached to the hand-held devices. When not in use we wind it around these devices which will damage the metal wires inside.

Not using the genuine accessory – we might go for some less expensive ones. This might be useful only in the short run. If we expect a long life of the earbuds, it is better to invest a little more and get a good one.

Hygiene – I am not sure how many of us clean the earbuds regularly. To be frank, I have maybe cleaned it once in the entire one year that I have used it.

A Little care will help those tiny devices last long

Earbuds are not designed to stand the rough handling. A little extra care is definitely the key to keep them going for long. There is nothing new anybody can explain how to take care of the earbuds, these tips are some very obvious things we tend to overlook most of the time.

Keep the wires untangled – The most common habit anybody has is to just stash the earbuds away in the drawer or bag. It will take us maybe a minute to neatly roll the wires in the shape of 8 and fasten it with a rubber band. This will help reduce the damage to the inner cables due to the tangling and untangling. There are videos available on the internet that shows how to wrap and store these devices conveniently.

Get a handy storage kit – Purchase a nice pouch or case where you can store the earbuds without the wires getting tangled up. This will also protect the earbuds from the dust and thus will increase its life.

Protect it from extreme weather conditions – These accessories are very fragile and tend to get easily damaged if exposed to high temperature or humidity. Avoid using the earphones when you are out on a rainy day. Of course, there are water-proof ones available in the market. But if you are not using the like then it is better to not treat yourself with the luxury of earphones when it is raining.

Be considerate towards the earbuds This might sound funny, but the truth is we often yank away the cables from the devices it is attached to because we are apparently in a hurry always. Please be patient and treat the accessory with care if you want to have the blissful presence of music everywhere you go.

Pick the right earbuds – Scan through your preferences and pick the right one that suits your ears. Always pick the ones that perfectly fit in your ears. This will avoid the damage caused by pushing and adjusting the earbuds so that they fit in.

Good Quality Earbuds – For people who wish to have the company of earbuds where ever they go, it is better to choose the earbuds that offer good durability even if means spending a few bucks extra to get a good one. This will stay longer than the inexpensive ones.

Have a cleaning routine – Block your calendar for a time slot to clean the earbuds at regular intervals. Seriously, if you wish your listening companion to last long you can devote a little time to clean it. The dust and grime may reduce the quality of the audio; hence it is important to clean mesh and the buds as often as possible. A soft wet cloth can be used to clean the inner crevices of the buds and then it can be dried properly using s tissue.

Cleaning supplies – This is not a big concern, as you can clean it with the supplies that are already at home. Cotton swabs to small toothbrushes can be used to clean the earbuds. If you plan to use any kind of liquid to clean the earbuds, please consult the manual that came with the earbuds when you purchased them. Keep a small, soft cloth handy with the pouch so that you can clean it before and after the use of how we use the soft cloth to clean our eye shades or glasses.

Earbuds part if it is taken care with the tips as explained, now as a responsible user of earbuds, it goes without saying that you should also take care to clean your ears regularly. Yes, because those accessories are always in your ears.

These tips may sound a little too much out of the way but definitely will go a long way to keep your most prized possession intact and working for a long time. Treat them gently and they will stay with you not forever but longer.