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Video Audio RGB YUV YUV422 multiple instances processing type frames needed
yes no yes yes no no POST 1


Motion-adaptive deinterlacing for double-frame-rate output. This filter only makes sence when fed by -J doublefps. It will take the field-frames which filter doublefps produces and generates full-sized motion adaptive deinterlaced output at the double import framerate. If you force reading the imput file twice its actual frames per second, A/V will stay in sync (for PAL).


Default values are shown in [green] in square brackets.

motionOnly Show motion areas only (0=off, 1=on) [0]

shiftEven Blend instead of interpolate in motion areas (0=off, 1=on) [0]

threshold Motion Threshold (0-255) [12]

denoise Phase shift (0=off, 1=on) [1]

Usage Examples

 -f 50 -J doublefps=shiftEven=1,smartbob=denoise=1:threshold=12

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