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Tom's Motion Compensation deinterlacing filter. TomsMoComp is a filter that uses motion compensation and adaptive processing to deinterlace video source. It uses a variable amount of CPU time based upon the user specified searcheffort parameter. The search effort may currently be set anywhere from 0 (a smarter Bob) to about 30 (too CPU intensive for everybody). Only certain values are actually implemented (currently 0,1,3,5,9,11,13,15,19,21,max) but the nearest value will be used. Values above 15 have not been well tested and should probably be avoided for now.

TomsMoComp should run on all MMX machines or higher. It has also has some added code for 3DNOW instructions for when it is running on a K6-II or higher and some SSEMMX for P3 & Athlon.


Default values are shown in [green] in square brackets.

TopFirst Assume the top field should be displayed first (0=BottomFirst, 1=TopFirst) [1]
Assume the top field, lines 0,2,4,... should be displayed first. The default is TopFirst, which seems to occure most.
NOTE: DV video is usually BottomFirst! You may have to look at a few frames to see which looks best. The difference will be hardly visible, though.

SearchEffort CPU time used to find moved pixels (0-30) [15]
Determines how much effort (CPU time) will be used to find moved pixels. Currently numbers from 0 to 30 with 0 being practically just a smarter bob and 30 being fairly CPU intensive.

UseStrangeBob ?Unknown? (0-1) [0]

CpuFlags Manual specification of CPU capabilities (00-FF) [autodetect]
Manually set CPU capabilities (expert only) (hex) (0x02 MMX 0x08 3DNOW 0x10 SSE).

Usage Examples

 -J ???


  1. Assumes YUV (YUY2 or YV12) Frame Based input.
  2. Currently still requires the pixel width to be a multiple of 4.
  3. TomsMoComp is for pure video source material, not for IVTC.

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