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Transcode knows four options for clipping. They are working all the same way, the only difference is the time when the operation takes place. This is the fixed processing order (clipping options are highlighted):
 --pre_clip [...] -j -I -X -B -Z -Y -r -z -l -k -K -G -C [...] --post_clip

Although clipping is the original purpose, it is now also possible to add borders instead of clipping them by using negative values.

All options get the same parameters top[,left[,bottom[,right]]]. If not all parameters are specified, they will be assumed to be symmetric to the others.


Assuming you have a source video with a resolution of 720x576 and black borders. The following examples will remove the borders on top/bottom and/or left/right of the video.

Borders on top and bottom.
 -j 80      is expanded to -j 80,0,80,0 (top,left,bottom,right)
Final image size: 720x416 pixel.

Borders around the video frame.
 -j 80,8    is expanded to -j 80,8,80,8
Final image size: 704x416 pixel.

Borders around the video frame
 -j 80,8,10 is expanded to -j 80,8,10,8
Final image size: 704x486 pixel.

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