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Audio only conversion is also possible with transcode. Certainly, there are tons of tools out there, doing the same job, so I will concentrate on useful examples, mainly DVD ripping and encoding on the fly, using options -p for input and -m for output.

Audio Track -> MP3

Some DVDs have a separate AC3 (Dobly Digital) film soundtrack, which you might want to convert to MP3. Music DVDs have tracks with uncompressed audio which is LPCM format (linear PCM), you want to archive. In this particular case, you might need to add -d for audio byte swapping. You need to check with tcprobe which audio track is the right one. We do it in 1 step for track 2 and write to the file track.mp3.
 transcode -p /dev/dvd/ -T 1,-1 -a 2 \
           -y raw -m track.mp3

Audio Track -> PCM

If you prefer uncompressed PCM data for further processing, add -N 0x1 in the command above.
 transcode -p /dev/dvd/ -T 1,-1 -a 2 \
           -y raw -m track.pcm -N 0x1

ASF Audio -> MP3

I had this ASF (advanced stream format) Genesis audio file lying around and tried the avifile import module. Since no auto-probing is available for ASF streams in the current version, you must play around with the sample rate. CD quality is 44100 Hz samplerate.
 transcode -p carpet_crawler_1999.asf -x null,af6
           -e 44100 -E 44100 -b 112
           -y null,raw -m carpet_crawler_1999.mp3

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