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For NTSC material, transcode currently generates film mode, i.e., 23.976 fps (progressive) for most NTSC DVD sources. For generating NTSC MPEG video, the final result should be played at 29.97 fps. Therefore the encoder must set the appropriate flags to force a decoder/player to generate a 3:2 pulldown (telecine) on demand. Transcode offers a long option --pulldown to encode to MPEG video with the appropriate flags set and switching the display rate from 23.976 to 29.97 fps.


VCD (352x240)

Video CD's have a restricted format for audio (MP2, 44100 Hz, 224 kBits/s, stereo) and video (MPEG-1, 352x240, 1152 kBits/s CBR) parameter. The preset profiles take care of the VCD2.0 specification.

 transcode [...] -V -y mpeg -F v,4 -E 44100 -b 224 -o test
 tcmplex -o test.mpg -i test.m1v -p test.mpa -m v

 transcode [...] -V -y mpeg2enc,mp2enc -F 1 -Z 352x240 -E 44100 -b 224 -o test
 mplex -f 1 -S 680 -o test.mpg test.m1v test.mpa

Replace -Z 352x240 by transcode's fast resizing option -B for speed improvements. Example: reduce 720x480 to 352x240 with -B 15,23,16.

(S)VCD (480x480)

Super Video CD's have a less restricted format for audio (MP2, 44100 Hz, 32-384 kBits/s, stereo) and video (MPEG-2, 480x480, up to 2600 kBits/s VBR) parameter. The preset profiles take care of the SVCD2.0 specification. The default profile bitrate is 2376 kbps.

 transcode [...] -V -y mpeg -F s,2 -E 44100 -b 128 -o test

This needs to be reworked, cuz:

1. using -V, as stated by warning, is useless. Anyway, doing so will only produce some (message) noise, nothing harmful. 2. -Q is probably useless as well 3. `mpeg' export module is gone. You need to switch to -y ffmpeg or -y mpeg2enc 4. -F must be changed accordingly, since it's value depends by the value of -y.

 #(S)VCD profile for improved quality
 fixed_vbv_delay = 1 
 vbv_buffer_size = 230
 cbr = 1
 cbr_bitrate = 4000000.0
 quant_value = 2
 qscale_type = 0
 vbr_mux = 0
 video_buf_size = 230
 use_comp_bitrate = 1

and will bump up the bitrate to 4000 kbps. The additional profile parameter are passed with the file name as a 3rd argument to "-F". audio downsampling reported BROKEN! Additionally use "-J resample".
 transcode [...] -V -y mpeg -F s,2,xsvcd.prof --pulldown -E 44100 -b 128 -o test

Multiplexing the files:
 tcmplex -o test.mpg -i test.m2v -p test.mpa -m s

 transcode [...] -V -y mpeg2enc,mp2enc -F 4 -Z 480x480 -E 44100 -b 128 -o test

You may try to increase the bitrate for higher quality (X)VCD. Most consumer DVD/(S)VCD player can cope with that. You can pass more options to mpeg2enc as a 2nd argument to -F. In this case you must use profile -F 5.
 transcode [...] -V -y mpeg2enc,mp2enc -F 5,"-b 4000" -Z 480x480 -E 44100 -b 128 -o test

Replace -Z 480x480 by transcode's fast resizing option -B for speed improvements. Example: reduce 720x480 to 480x480 with -B 0,15,16.

Multiplexing the files:
 mplex -f 4 -S 680 -o test.mpg test.m2v test.mpa

or for -F 5 profile with increased bitrate
 mplex -f 5 -S 680 -o test.mpg test.m2v test.mpa

See the mplex manpage for more options.

DVD compliant format

Possible frame parameter combination: 720x480, 704x480, 352x480 and 352x240.
 For a video frame size of 352x240, resizing can be delegated to the export module with -F d,4, but this frame size is currently broken in the exncoder, all other values require use of transcode's resize options. The profile default bitrate is 9800 kbps.

 transcode [...] -V -y mpeg -F d -E 44100 -b 128 -o test
 tcmplex -o test.vob -i test.m2v -p test.mpa -m d

 transcode [...] -V -y mpeg,raw -F d -m test.mp3
 tcmplex -o test.vob -i test.m2v -p test.mp3 -m d

 #DVD profile with reduced bitrate 

and will reduce the bitrate to 4000 kbps. The profile name is passed as a 3rd argument to -F.

 transcode [...] -V -y mpeg,raw -F d,,dvd.prof --pulldown -m test.ac3 -A -0x2000

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