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transcode offers two possibilities to encode a collection of files located in a directory in the order the files are listed with the ls command. This feature is restricted to sources that share both video and audio import module. Calling tcprobe with the name of the directory gives information on the first file. For directories containing single video frames read on here (here will be a link to animation example).

Raw streams which can be concatenated without any further intervention are supported. Currently MPEG program streams (VOB) and raw Digital Video (DV) streams are supported in this mode. The sources are treated as a logical input stream and piped into the decoder. This way, most navigation options can be applied.

Source files that can not simply be concatenated with cat, like AVI-files, can be processed in a row using the option --dir_mode base resulting in a sequence of output-files named:

  base-000.avi, base-001.avi, ...

This is identical with calling each file separatly. However, for two-pass encoding or merging the resulting files on-the-fly, the additional option --no_split is required. This will result in one file named base.

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