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Motion-adaptive deinterlacing. This filter is basically a rewrite of the smartdeinter filter by Donald Graft (without advanced processing options) for YUV mode only. Its faster than using the smartdeinter in YUV mode and is also tuned with its threshold settings for YUV mode. The filter detects motion and static areas in an image and only deinterlaces (either by blending or by cubic interpolation) the moving areas. The result is an image with high detail in static areas, no information is lost there.

The threshold settings should be sufficent for most users. As a rule of thumb, I recommend setting the chroma threshold to about the half of the luma threshold. If you want more deinterlacing, lower the thresholds. The scene threshold can be easily found by turning on verbose mode and the preview filter. In verbose mode, the filter will print out, when it detects a scene change. If scenechanges go by unnoticed, lower the scene threshold. You can completly disable chroma processing with the doChroma=0 option.


Default values are shown in [green] in square brackets.

motionOnly Show motion areas only (0=off, 1=on) [0]

diffmode Motion Detection (0=frame, 1=field, 2=both) [0]

threshold Motion Threshold (luma) (0-255) [14]

chromathres Motion Threshold (chroma) (0-255) [7]

scenethres Threshold for detecting scenechanges (0-255) [31]

cubic Do cubic interpolation (0=off 1=on) [1]

highq High-Quality processing (motion Map denoising) (0=off 1=on) [1]

Blend (0=off 1=on) [1]

doChroma (0=off 1=on) [1]

verbose (0=off 1=on) [1]

Usage Examples

 -J smartyuv=highq=1:diffmode=2:cubic=1:Blend=1:chromathres=4:threshold=8:doChroma=1

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