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Examples of some interesting Transcode tricks:

Example what happens when you dont get the parameters right.

     transcode -i image_list.txt \
               -x imlist,null \
               -g 506x349 \
               --use_rgb \
               -z \
               -y ffmpeg,null \
               -F mpeg4 \
               -o spincake.avi \
               -H 0 \
               -f 1

Where image_list.txt is generated by ls -1 | grep .jpg > image_list.txt and looks like:


Problems with this:

-g 506x349 - I think they need to be multiples of 8?

The ColorPlanes is hosed too. (or is that just a side effect of the previous problem? )

Arrgg.. On top of the tc boo-boo's this has my screwed up .gif.jpeg file names. I will tar up a better example of my mistakes, along with the sucessful version.

Dave added:

Look forward to it! I've used this with 720x480 png images and it works great. I used:

    ls -1 | grep .png > image_list.txt
    transcode -i image_list.txt -x imlist,null -g 720x480 --use_rgb -z -y ffmpeg,null -F mpeg4 -o test1.avi -H 0 -f 29.97

I had to use -g and -f only because PAL is default in transcode and I wanted NTSC. What's the purpose of the -H 0? There's the warning

   [export_ffmpeg.so]: WARNING: Interlacing parameters unknown, use --encode_fields

Any ideas?

Francesco added: -H 0 disables autoprobing in transcode. The warning about interlacing parameters by ffmpeg should be harmless (at least when dealing with PAL streams). Module is under rewriting, so this message should go in future releases.

Just an Example how to capture something from an bttv device. Namely the Haupauge WinTV Go (Mono) ... crappy thing.

 transcode -z -M 2 -x v4l,v4l -i /dev/video0 --import_v4l 0,38 -p /dev/dsp -y xvid -o test.avi -w 1500 -e 32000 -E 44100 -b 96 -s 7 -c 0-250 -g 360x288 -j 0,4

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