Multiplexing is the act of merging one or more video and audio streams (usually one video stream and one or two audio streams) into a single file, often called a "container" file. AVI (common on PCs) and VOB (used on DVDs) are frequently-seen examples of container file formats.

In transcode, multiplexing is currently performed for (only) AVI files by the export modules (though there is currently (2005/1/1) discussion on the transcode-devel mailing list about redesigning transcode to separate multiplexing from encoding). If you want to create VOB files, you'll need to multiplex the video and audio streams yourself.

The tool most commonly used for multiplexing VOBs is mplex, from mjpegtools (http://mjpeg.sourceforge.net/). A typical sequence of commands is:

    transcode -i source-file -o output.m2v -m output.ac3 ...
    mplex -f 8 -V -o output.vob output.m2v output.ac3

Another option is tcmplex, based on bbmpeg, which is included in versions of transcode through 0.6.14; however, tcmplex was removed from CVS on 2005/1/14, as it had been unmaintained for a long time. A slightly modified version of tcmplex is available at http://www.home.zonnet.nl/panteltje/dvd/.

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