There are many uses of RipMake. If the size of this page gets too big, it can be split into sub categories.

Please comment if you see parameters that are not consistent with the goal.

Goal: keep work in progess files seperate from archives. (and define where file go on the rest of this page.)
/home/user/movies/archives - duh.
/home/user/movies/ripwork/ - files in/under here are intermediate - to be deleted once the final files are archived.
/home/user/movies/ripwork/dvds/movietitle - results of simple rips using cpdvd, vobcopy, etc.

Goal: Rip main title from a DVD to the hard disk for further processing with libdvdreads image mode. Assuming the resulting files will be read more than once (for probing and multi-pass processing) this stel will reduce processing times for the following reasons:

/home/user/movies/ripwork/dvds # DVD_MOUNT=/mnt/cdrom1 cpdvd -t 1 -m /mnt/cdrom1/ -d /dev/hdb movietitle

To make this better:
Is there a symlink that would simplify that command?
What is the right way to do this without being root?

Goal: Rip the main title of a DVD and create a file that mPlayer will play.
Do not try to reduce processing time if it will reduce quality.
Reduce quality just a bit in order to reduce the resulting file size.

Build Transcode with the following config:

RipMake options:

# ~/.ripmakerc
aud_rate = [128]
aud_vbr_qual = [4]
cd_max = 1
cd_size = 1500
high_quality = 1
low_space = 0
flavor = xvid
/home/user/movies/ripwork/dvds $ ripmake /home/user/movies/ripwork/dvds/movietitle ogm
/home/user/movies/ripwork/dvds $ make -f movietitle-ogm.mak rip

See Also: DvdRippers

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