StreamDVD is the only one of these tools that can do requantization of VOBs, for example to fit DVD9 into DVD5. It can generate dvdauthor compliant VOBs with correct NAV/VOBU packets using parts of mjpegtools' mplex engine. This tool can extract specific titles/chapters and audio tracks/angles, though I find it's rather slow.

It includes also streamanalyze, a tool to compute the required requantization factor.

FROM STREAMDVD HOMEPAGE (http://www.badabum.de/streamdvd.html): The resizing (or better requantizing) in StreamDVD is based on a (slightly) modified version of M2VRequant written by Antoine Missout, parts of the dvd data access were taken from transcode (by Thomas Oestreich) and lsdvd (part of AcidRip by Chris Phillips). The multiplexor engine is taken from mplex (part of the mjpeg-tools).


  streamdvd -i device -t title [-c chapter|chapter range] [-s stream(s)] [-f factor] [-d level] [-v]

  -i <device>
     the input device defines the data source. This could be the devicefile of your DVD drive (on most
     systems this might be /dev/dvd) or a directory containing the DVD file structure (VIDEO_TS, AUDIO_TS).

  -t <title number>
     selects the title number.

  -c <chapter|chapter range>
     selects the chapter(s) to process (default all chapters)
     To process a single chapter, use: -c chapternumber   i.e.: -c 1
     To process a chapter range, use : -c start-stop      i.e.: -c 1-5

  -s <stream(s)>
     selects the video/audio/subpicture streams (default all streams)

     Videostream id's always start with '0xen' where n is the track number. In most cases a video DVD
     contains only one video stream '0xe0', multiangle videos might contain more video streams.

     Audiostream id's always start with '0x8n' where n is the track number. Most video DVDs contain
     multiple audiostreams in different languages, director comments, ...
     There's a special case for MPEG audiostreams, that are pretty rare to find. Anyway if you have
     a dvd containing MPEG audiostreams and want to select one of them, use 0xcn as identifier where
     n is the tracknumber (also special, counting starts from 1).

     Subpicturestream id's always start with '0x2n' where n is the track number. Most video DVDs contain
     multiple subpicture streams in different languages.

       to select only the first video and audio track: 
          -s 0xe0,0x80
       to select first video, 2nd and 3rd audio and first subpicture track: 
          -s 0xe0,0x81,0x82,0x20

       special case: select only the first video and mpeg audio track:
          -s 0xe0,0xc1

  -f <factor>
    the factor to resize the video stream (default no resizing)

Most video DVDs contain more data than 4,37 GB, even if you selected only 1 video and 1 audio track.

To backup this movie to a DVD-R you have to reduce the video bandwidth. A factor = 1 will leave the video as it is, without reducing the bandwidth, factor = 2 will produce a video track with half the size of the original video track. In most cases a factor between 1.0 and 1.5 should be ok.

  -d <debuglevel>
    show info about what's going on, the higher the value
    the more detailed info will be displayed (default 0)

    print version info and exit


You can get all info about what is available on your dvd by using transcode's tcprobe or lsdvd, a handy little tool coming with AcidRip. To get the resizing factor needed for the movie to fit on a dvd-r just use streamanalyze.

You shouldn't use a requant factor bigger than 1.5. The quality decreases with reducing the bitrate and 1.5 seems to be a magic line from where the quality loss might be clearly visible.

When using dvdauthor to build the dvd structure, you can generate a new dvd with only one step. You can pass the complete streamdvd commandline (followed by a '|') to the -f switch in dvdauthor i.e.: lets say your dvd drive is accessable at /dev/dvd, the saving directory is /movies/movie1 and you want to backup title 1, all chapters with 1st video and 1st audio track:

 dvdauthor -t -o /movies/movie1 -f 'streamdvd -i /dev/dvd -t 1 -s 0xe0,0x80 |'

After that, build the missing ifo files with:

 dvdauthor -T -o /movies/movie1

That's it :-)

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