tcmodinfo - Get and Set information in filter modules


       tcmodinfo [ -i name ] [ -m path ] [ -s socket ] [ -p ] [
       -v ]


       tcmodinfo is Copyright (C) by Tilmann Bitterberg


       tcmodinfo Loads a supplied transcode(1) filtermodule and
       prints its parameters. It can also connect to transcode
       through a socket to do runtime configuration of transcode
       and its filters.


       -i name
	      Specify the name of the filter. Name is specified
	      without the prefix filter_ and without the suffix
	      .so So if you want information about fil-
	      ter_smooth.so, just supply smooth

       -m Path
	      Look in Path instead of the compiled-in module path
	      for a module.

       -s socket
	      Connect to socket socket. You can use this socket
	      to do runtime configuration of transcode. For all
	      the boring details about the socket protocol have a
	      look at /docs/filter-socket.txt. transcode has to
	      be started with the --socket option to open the

       -p     Print the compiled-in module path and exit.

       -v     Print version information and exit.


       The command

       tcmodinfo -i smooth

       prints information about the smooth filter.

       transcode --socket /tmp/tc-socket &
       echo help | tcmodinfo -s /tmp/tc-socket

       prints the socket help text and exits.

       tcmodinfo -s /tmp/tc-socket

       Will drop you into an interactive "shell" where you can
       talk to the socket.


       tcmodinfo was written by Tilmann Bitterberg
       <transcode@tibit.org> with contributions from many others.
       See AUTHORS for details.


       avimerge(1), avisplit(1), tccat(1), tcdecode(1), tcde-
       mux(1), tcextract(1), tcprobe(1), tcscan(1), transcode(1)

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