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Yes, It Really Works!!

Install [gocr-0.40]

And [subrip-0.3-4]

Subrip may also be found in the TOOLS subdirectory of the mplayer source.

Decide which subtitle ID you need:

 mplayer -vo null -ao null -frames 0 -identify dvd://1

Extract the .idx and .sub files for that subtitle ID:

 mencoder -ovc copy \
          -o /dev/null \
          -nosound \
          -vobsubout subtitles \ <- the name of the output files
          -vobsuboutindex 1 \    <- the index used in the output
          -vobsuboutid en \      <- the code used in the output file
          -sid $N $basename      <- the i.d. of the stream to be extracted

Run subrip:

 rm -rf db
 mkdir db
 subrip $basename 1 $basename.srt You will be prompted to identify
                                  about 40 glyphs during this process.

Fix the errors in the .srt file by hand, and you're done!

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