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Filter_facemask Documentation


Video Audio RGB YUV YUV422 multiple instances processing type
yes no yes yes no yes PRE/POST


This filter allows you to mask people faces (with a fuzzy mosaic) in video interviews.

All you have to do is to specify the mask position, its dimension and its resolution !

Warning For the moment, the fuzzy mosaic application is static.

This means it won't follow the person you want to mask if she/he is carried out moving too much.

So you will have to experience your clipping skills !


Display a short description of the filter and its arguments.

xpos=$XPOSITION (required)
The X position of the upper left corner of the mask.

ypos=$YPOSITION (required)
The Y position of the upper left corner of the mask.

xresolution=$XRESOLUTION (required)
The X resolution of the mask (width of a mosaic pixel).

yresolution=$YRESOLUTION (required)
The Y resolution of the mask (height of a mosaic pixel).

xdim=$XDIMENSION (required)
Width of the mask (= n*$XRESOLUTION)

ydim=$YDIMENSION (required)
Height of the mask (= m*$YRESOLUTION)

Usage Examples

 $ transcode ... -J facemask=xpos:140:ypos:50:xresolution:10:yresolution:10:xdim:120:ydim:140

Original Interview 'Facemasked' interview

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