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Video Audio RGB YUV YUV422 multiple instances processing type frames needed
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This filter allows you to put an image into the video. Every image format ImageMagick can read is supported and ImageMagick can read a lot of different formats.

So you need ImageMagick installed on your system and enabled during compile time of transcode

The transparency information (if the image has one) is handled correctly. This is very nice if you use PNG or GIF.

The position of the image can be specified using the posx resp. posy parameters. There are 5 predefined positions for your convenience which are "Top Left, Top Right, Bottom Left, Bottom Right and Center" available through posdef. Origin of the image is at the very top left.


Display a short description of the filter and its arguments.

file Image filename [logo.png]
The image file you want to use.

pos Position (0-width x 0-height) [0x0]
Offset from the origin of the frame (in pixels)

posdef Predefined position (0=None, 1=TopL, 2=TopR, 3=BotL, 4=BotR, 5=Center) [0]
Predefined position
1=Top Left
2=Top Right
3=Bottom Left
4=Bottom Right

range Restrict rendering to framerange (0-oo) [0-end]
Defines a frame range in which the image should appear in the video

ignoredelay Ignore delay specified in animations

rgbswap Swap colors
Swap red/blue colors

grayout Don't write Cb and Cr
YUV only: don't write Cb and Cr, makes a nice effect

flip Mirror image

Usage Examples

 $ transcode ... -J logo=file=mylogo.png:posdef=2

 $ transcode ... -J logo=file=mylogo.png:range=0-100:posdef=5

 $ transcode ... -J logo=file=mylogo.gif:pos=200x100

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