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This plugin implements an unusual concept in spatial sharpening. Although designed specifically for anime, it also works well with normal video. The filter is very effective at sharpening important edges without amplifying noise.


Default values are shown in [green] in square brackets.

strength How much of the effect (0-255) [100]
This is the strength of the sharpening to be applied to the edge detail areas. It is applied only to the edge detail areas as determined by the threshold parameter. Strength 255 is the strongest sharpening.

threshold How close a pixel must be to the brightest or dimmest pixel to be mapped (0-255) [10]
This parameter determines what is detected as edge detail and thus sharpened. To see what edge detail areas will be sharpened, use the 'mask' parameter.

highq Tradeoff speed for quality of detail detection (0-1) [1]
This parameter lets you tradeoff speed for quality of detail detection. Set it to true for the best detail detection. Set it to false for maximum speed.

mask Areas to be sharpened are shown in white (0-1) [0]
When set to true, the areas to be sharpened are shown in white against a black background. Use this to set the level of detail to be sharpened. This function also makes a basic edge detection filter. * The mask option is currently unusable *

Usage Examples

-J msharpen=threshhold=5:strength=25 Noisy source can be dealt with effectively by a combination of the use of the ffmpeg.cfg option nr and msharpen. A good starting point for VHS would be nr=50 and -J msharpen=threshhold=5:strength=25.

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