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fromani == Francesco Romani. I use transcode mainly to convert some videos acquired via v4l/tvtuner to mpeg1/2/4, and also to experiment with new fancy codec/container stuff. Of course I'll want to get also a DVB card as soon as it possible, and start to use with transcode ;) Starting from september 2005 I've happily joined the transcode dev team; At time of writing (third quarter 2006) I'm writing the missing pieces for 1.1.0 release (most notably input layer reorganization), and I'm keep on working on refactoring/reorganizing code, and fixing some bugs. Further (and even more funny ;) ) plans for TC are to start to play into SIMD field and improve some filters. I would also like try to experiment with gpgpu (http://www.gpgpu.org) and see how it fit in transcode.

Quick personal background: 25 years old male living in Italy (in this country: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Toscana :) ), happy linux user from 2000, geek. I'm also a student in 'Ingegneria Informatica' (~ Computer Science) at the University of Pisa ( http://www.ing.unipi.it ).


Sono pienamente disponibile a parlare di transcode anche in italiano ;)

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