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Examples of some interesting Transcode tricks:

Example what happens when you dont get the parameters right.

     transcode -i image_list.txt \
               -x imlist,null \
               -g 506x349 \
               --use_rgb \
               -z \
               -y ffmpeg,null \
               -F mpeg4 \
               -o spincake.avi \
               -H 0 \
               -f 1

Where image_list.txt is generated by ls -1 | grep .jpg > image_list.txt and looks like:


Problems with this:

-g 506x349 - I think they need to be multiples of 8?

The ColorPlanes is hosed too. (or is that just a side effect of the previous problem? )

Arrgg.. On top of the tc boo-boo's this has my screwed up .gif.jpeg file names. I will tar up a better example of my mistakes, along with the sucessful version.

Dave added:

Look forward to it! I've used this with 720x480 png images and it works great. I used:

    ls -1 | grep .png > image_list.txt
    transcode -i image_list.txt -x imlist,null -g 720x480 --use_rgb -z -y ffmpeg,null -F mpeg4 -o test1.avi -H 0 -f 29.97

I had to use -g and -f only because PAL is default in transcode and I wanted NTSC. What's the purpose of the -H 0? There's the warning

   [export_ffmpeg.so]: WARNING: Interlacing parameters unknown, use --encode_fields

Any ideas?

Just an Example how to capture something from an bttv device. Namely the Haupauge WinTV Go (Mono) ... crappy thing.

 transcode -z -M 2 -x v4l,v4l -i /dev/video0 --import_v4l 0,38 -p /dev/dsp -y xvid -o test.avi -w 1500 -e 32000 -E 44100 -b 96 -s 7 -c 0-250 -g 360x288 -j 0,4

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