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I am the primary maintainer of this wiki, which is hosted on a server in my kitchen at home. The internet connection is via a 1.5/768 ADSL line, and the server and network hardware are on UPS. There is a second machine running with a mirror of the wiki which is used to serve the pages when the main server is down for maintenance.

Contact Info: Phil Ehrens <phil@slug.org>

Contributions to this wiki:

* srtshifter - applies a global ms timeshift to an .srt subtitle file
* ssa2srt - convert ssa to srt, and possibly back again
* srtinterpolate - add missing subtitle lines to an srt file
* Region Code - deregionalizing a dvd structure
* MplayerProbe - how to use mplayer to set Transcode options automagically
Former wiki maintainer.

Former wiki maintainer.

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