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       avisync - adjust audio synchronisation


       avisync [ -o file -i file -q -n num -b num -a track -f
       commentfile ]


       avisync is Copyright (C) by Thomas Ostreich.


       avisync shift audio on frame basis.


       -o name
	      Specify the name of the output file.

       -i file
	      Specify the name of the input file.

       -q     be less verbose.

       -n count
	      shift audio by count frames. If count is positive,
	      audio starts with audio frame count at the begin-
	      ning of the AVI-file. If count is negative, audio
	      is prepended count padding frames.

       -a track
	      Specify the number of the audio channel to shift.

       -b num Specify if avisync should write an VBR mp3 header
	      into the AVI file. Default is 1 because it does not
	      hurt. num is either 1 or 0.

       -f commentfile
	      Read AVI tombstone data for header comments from
	      commentfile. See /docs/avi_comments.txt for a sam-


       The command

       avisync -i my_file1.avi -o out.avi -n -10

       puts 10 audio frames at the beginning of the AVI-file.

       E.g. if the audio is delayed about 200 ms (0.2 seconds)
       and you

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