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This page summarizes the changes in command line options and in command line interface between differents transcode releases.

Between 1.0.x and 1.1.x (not yet released)


	is gone (deprecated)
	is gone (see -V below)
	is gone (see -V below)
	now requires an argument (colorspace):
	yuv420p (default)
	now accepts also string as argument
	now accepts an additional comma-separated argument for
	new-style multiplexor module to use
	is gone, will be replaced before 1.1.0 released
	is gone (obsolete, deprecated)
--print_status --progress_off
	are gone, replaced by --progress_meter and --progress_rate
	(see manpage)
	is gone, replaced by --no_log_color
	(warning: this can change again before 1.1.0 released)

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