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Examples of DVD to xvid4

export COUNT=$1 export IN=/input_dir/VTS_01_$COUNT.VOB export OUT=/output_dir/VTS_01_$COUNT.avi

  1. The reason to use a separate work directory here is that xvid4 creates a
  2. file called "divx4.log" in the current working directory, so otherwise it
  3. would become overwritten if multiple instances of this script were to run:
cd /work_dir/$COUNT

export RESIZE="-B 12,10,8"

  1. bitrate 1500.
export BITRATE="-w 1500,250,100"

  1. If you see thin horizontal lines on fast motion, you need to deinterlace:
  2. export DEINTERLACE="-I 3"

  1. If you want to keep the original AC3 soundtrack rather than encode it to mp3,
  2. e.g. if you are using an external "receiver", use this:
  3. export AC3PASSTHRU="-A -N 0x2000"

  1. Invoke transcode. Use "-M 2" to keep audio in sync.
  2. First pass:
transcode -i $IN -M 2 $BITRATE $DEINTERLACE -a 0 -b 128,0,0 $AC3PASSTHRU -V -f 25 $RESIZE -R 1 -x vob,null -o /dev/null -y xvid4

  1. Second pass:
transcode -i $IN -M 2 $BITRATE $DEINTERLACE -a 0 -b 128,0,0 $AC3PASSTHRU -V -f 25 $RESIZE -R 2 -x vob -o $OUT -y xvid4

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