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Video Audio RGB YUV YUV422 multiple instances processing type frames needed
yes no no yes no yes PRE/POST 2


The High Quality 3D Denoiser filter aims to reduce image noise producing smooth images and making still images really still (This should enhance compressibility).


Default values are shown in [green] in square brackets.

luma Spatial luma strength (0.0-100.0) [4.000000]

chroma Spatial chroma strength (0.0-100.0) [3.000000]

luma_strength Temporal luma strength (0.0-100.0) [6.000000]

chroma_strength Temporal chroma strength (0.0-100.0) [4.500000]

pre Run as a pre filter

Usage Examples

  # Example numbers are for ANIMATED material only!!
  transcode -x mplayer,mplayer \
            -y ffmpeg,mp2enc \
            -J hqdn3d=luma=7:chroma=7:luma_strength=6:chroma_strength=7:pre=0 \
            -F mpeg2video \
            -E 48000,16,2 \
            --export_asr 2 \
            --export_prof dvd-ntsc \
            -Z 720x480,fast \
            -j -16,-32,-16,-32 \
            -o output \
            -i filename.avi

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