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Video Audio RGB YUV YUV422 multiple instances processing type frames needed
yes no yes yes no yes POST 1


This filter removes an image in a user specified area. An image can be a logo of a TV Station, the timestamp of a Camcorder or some ugly artifacts.


Default values are shown in [green] in square brackets.

help Short Help
Get a short description of all the logoaway options

range Frame Range (0-oo) [0-end]
The frame region were the filter is active. The default is the whole video. E.g. range=12-1550 (filter only between frame 12 and 1550)

pos Position (0-width x 0-height) [0x0]
Required. The upper left corner of the area that will be removed.
          0 #-------------------------
            |           |50
            |           v
            |      110->#------
            |           |
            |           |

size Size (0-width x 0-height) [0x0]
Required. The width and height of the remove area.

mode Filter Mode (0=none, 1=solid, 2=xy) [0]
There are three mode you can choose of:
0=none - This deactivates the filter. Useful if you want to
keep the settings, but the filter at the moment.
1=solid - Flood fills the remove area with one color. You can
specify the color with the 'fill' option (see below).
2=xy - In this mode the border pixels of the remove area are
used to interpolate the area between them. Interpolation
is done horizontally and vertically at the same time, the
sum of them is used. With the 'xweight' option (see below)
you can specify how much of the horizontally
interpolation is used. 50% xweight (=>50% yweight) gives
mostly the best results.
3=shape - This mode is basically the same as the xy above. An
alpha/shape file (see below) is needed for getting the
information where to render and which pixels to use
for interpolation. This mode is slower than xy and
was made for logos with holes in it or other forms that
are badly covered by a rectangle or circle.

border Visible Border
Works in every mode and gives you a dotted line around the remove area

xweight X-Y Weight (0%-100%) [50]
Only in xy-mode(2). How much of the horizontally interpolation is used
0 means 0% horizontally and 100% vertically interpolation.
35 means 35% horizontally and 65% vertically interpolation.
50 is mostly the best choice.

fill Solid Fill Color (RRGGBB) [000000]
Only in solid-mode(1). RGB color value in hexadecimal numbers in the format RRGGBB.
fill=9A01CD (Purple)

file Image with alpha/shape information []
A grayscale image file with the alpha mask, that tells the filter where and how much to render. In shape mode it also used to get the position of the pixels for the interpolation. The first white pixels around a render position are used. The size have to be exacly the same as given with the 'size' option
Color index 0 (black) - video pixel fully replaced with the interpolation.

Color index 1-254 (gray) - calculated and original values are blended together.
Color index 255 (white) - video pixel left unchanged.
                000###000   0 - White (255)
                00##0##+0   # - Alpha value
                0##00+#@+   @ - example pixel
                0##000##0   + - white pixels whose position
                00##0##+0       is used to get the pixel in
                000###000       the video for interpolation
                000000000       of @

Usage Examples

 -J logoaway=pos=100x100:size=50x50:border

 -J logoaway=pos=100x100:size:50x50:mode=1:fill=228B22

 -J logoaway=pos=100x100:size:50x50:mode=2:xweight=25:file=alpha.png

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