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Video Audio RGB YUV YUV422 multiple instances processing type frames needed
yes no no yes no yes PRE/POST 1


This module is an interface to FFmpeg's libpostproc. It is very similar to MPlayer's pp filter. Most of transcode's filters do one, or perhaps a few similar things, while pp is a collection of different filters.


This module enables filters when they are listed as parameters, and at least one must be used. This module allows two different syntaxes for it's parameters. It understands both transcode's 'filter=option=value:option:option=value:value' form as well as MPlayer's 'filter=option:value/option/option:value:value form. But be careful not two mix the two forms!

Default values are shown in [green] in square brackets.

for all the following filters, there are three suboptions.
a cpu power dependant enabler
c chrominace filtering enabled
c chrominace filtering disabled

ha horizontal deblocking filter (0-255:0-255) [46:40]

va vertical deblocking filter (0-255:0-255) [46:40]

for both ha and va, the two values are first the difference factor and second the flatness factor.
a higher difference factor results in more deblocking and
a lower flatness factor results in more deblocking

h1 experimental h deblocking filter 1

v1 experimental v deblocking filter 1

dr deringing filter

al automatic brightness / contrast

f stretch luminace to 0..255

lb linear blend deinterlacer

li line interpolating deinterlacer

ci cubic interpolating deinterlacer

md median deinterlacer

tn temporal denoise reducer (0-700:0-1500:0-3000) [64:128:256]

fq force quantizer (0-255) [15]

pre run as pre filter

Usage Examples

 -J pp=ha:128:7/va/dr
this will turn on horizontal deblocking with fairly aggressive settings, vertical deblocking with the default settings, and deringing with the default settings.
using any of the options with the "a" switch makes no sense when used with transcode. The "a" switch is used with mplayer when viewing files on the computer.


Michael Niedermayer, Gerhard Monzel , Phil Ehrens

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