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If you captured a video while skiing, cycling or whatever sports then you often find strong jiggled on it. Modern cameras come along with hardware stabilization, however this does not work if you have really strong vibrations - rather the contrary sometimes this mechanisms start to oscillate. stabilize and /filter transform is your friend in this matter. It is designed to stabilize even strongly wiggled clips.

Technically stabilize registers subsequent frames onto each other, meaning that it

 determines the translation and rotation required to bring them to a best match.
See /filter transform for the second stage and http://public.hronopik.de/vid.stab/ for further details.


Default values are shown in [green] in square brackets.

result path to the file used to write the transforms [inputfile.trf]

maxshift maximal number of pixels to search for a shift (1-oo) [48]

stepsize stepsize of coarse search process (1-oo) [2]
The minimal translation for each measuring field is detected using a raster of stepsize. The region around minimum is scanned with 1 pixel resolution

allowmax Switch to change behavior for maximum transformations (0,1) [1]
If 0 then a maximal translation (shift) is ignored (set to no shift) because it is probably a detection error (e.g. scene cut). If 1 then maximal shifts are allowed.

algo Algorithm for transformation detection (0,1) [1]
0 means brute force (translations only) and 1 means to use small measurement fields

fieldsetup number of measurement fields in each dimension (1,3,5) [3] meaning 9 fields
1 means to use only 1 field only (pretty useless), 3 means 9 fields, and 5 means 25 fields.

fieldsize size of measurement field (1-oo) [height/10]

Usage Examples

  -J stabilize
 transcode -J stabilize -i yourmovie -y null,null -o dummy
  -J stabilize=maxshift=100=fieldsize=20

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