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Text starting in column zero (fully up against the left side of the edit box) is formatted using proportional font.

 Text starting in column 1 or more is formatted using fixed font.

Text placed between <pre></pre> tags is treated as "verbatim" and left unformatted.

Links have a variety of syntactical permutations.

A URL coded "bare" becomes a link based on its own text:

Becomes http://www.transcoding.org

A bare URL for an image of type gif, png or jpg becomes an inline image:

A URL like:

 [http://www.transcoding.org Transcode Wiki]

Comes out as:

[Transcode Wiki]

And without the text it becomes a reference:

 [http://www.transcoding.org] turns into: [1]

URL's placed inside of [[]] (double square brackets) become references to internal Wiki pages that look like Foo?. Clicking on the ? after saving will present you with a virgin Edit page, so that is how you create new Wiki pages!

Do not use spaces in internal Wiki links, use underscores instead, or the search mechanism might not work on your pages!

If something in your text is treated as a link and you don't want it to be treated as a link, put it between <nowiki></nowiki> tags!

Bold text is created using the HTML <b> tag OR by using the wiki ''' delimiters.

So, '''foo''' or <b>foo</b>
will show as foo.

Italic text is created using the HTML <i> tag OR by using the wiki '' delimiters.

So, ''foo'' or <i>foo</i>
will show as foo.

And '''''foo''''' or <b><i>foo</i></b>
will show as foo.

This particular wiki also supports the <tt></tt> <u></u> and <strike></strike> tags for monospaced, underline, and strikeout text.

Indenting is achieved by starting a line with a number of colons (:) equivalent to the indent level:

Lists, ordered and unordered
  1. one
    1. two
    2. three
      1. four


And Subsections!

Are defined using the = Heading = syntax, where the number of "='s" defines the heading level, so a level 2 subheading is == Foo ==.
are defined using a kind of funny syntax involving colons and semi-colons, but the effect is worth the trouble of remembering which goes where! -Phil
;<i><b>Sections</b>: are defined ...</i> -Phil

I have added color support!.

Colors are defined by matching <color></color> tags. Supported colors are red blue green purple brown orange and yellow.

So this:

Becomes: foo!
Other HTML tags supported

Since I needed them, <br> and <center></center> are also supported...
as is the color <white></white> for doing visual layout.

A simple table syntax is supported:


||Aaaa Bbbb Cccc||Dddd Eeee||Fffff Ggg||
||A      ||  B         ||            C||
||||Iiiii Jjjjjjj Kkkkk||            C||
||||||Lllllll Mmmmmmm Nnnnnn Ooooo Ppp||


Aaaa Bbbb CcccDddd EeeeFffff Ggg
Iiiii Jjjjjjj Kkkkk C
Lllllll Mmmmmmm Nnnnnn Ooooo Ppp

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