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I just successfully converted 25 fps PAL source to 24 fps progressive NTSC dvd using:

 -f 23.976,1
 --export_fps 23.976,1
 -x mplayer="-speed 23976/25000"


 mplayer -ao pcm -vo null -vc dummy $file.avi
 (output goes to audiodump.wav)
 # (24000/1001)/25 = 0.95904
 sox input.wav output.wav speed 0.95904
 ffmpeg -i $file.wav -acodec ac3 -f ac3 -ac 2 -ab 192 $file.ac3
 toolame -p 2 -b 192 $file.wav $file.mp2

Dvdauthor showed the audio stream length to be too long by a factor of 1.0427 (25000/23976), but the dvd played fine in several commercial dvd players, so this appears to work!!

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