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Highlights of the 0.6.14 release

See bottom of this page for bugs reported in this release!


    * remove erroneous include from filter_pp, allow
      filter_pp to build optimized code with gcc-2.95.
    * allow extraction of DTS audio from DVD. (Stefan Becker)
    * allow extraction of WAV files larger than 2GB. (Andrew Church)
    * use the proper name for dlopen()ing libxvidcore on OSX.
    * correct import_v4l2 documentation to describe the current
      parameters. (Erik Slagter)
    * use a valid default frame rate in export_ffmpeg. (Erik Slagter)
    * fix arguments for libdvdread in INSTALL.
    * improve wording of message for mismatched color space.
    * improve wording of message for listing codecs supported
      by export_ffmpeg.
    * improve wording of message for failure to load a codec
      in export_ffmpeg. (Erik Slagter)
    * LVE's lr_init() now (040322) takes two arguments.  update the
      transcode sources to reflect this, and make sure the user has
      the proper version.  other LVE build issues corrected.
    * overhaul PVM3 autoconf magic, include paths and BSD support.
    * tc_memcpy uses nasm code for acceleration.  emit a(nother)
      warning at configure time and do not allow the accelerated code
      to be called if nasm is not found at configure time.
    * make tcmplex clean up second audio file. (Andrew Church)
    * fix argument switch-up in export_lame.
    * don't try to use a random file in import_mplayer, since mplayer
      always writes to './stream.yuv'. (Erik Slagter)
    * fix segfault in tcdecode caused by missing cast in
      libac3/bitstream.c. (Robin Hill)


Read INSTALL throughly or you won't be able to install transcode!

Bugs reported for this release:

There is a typo in configure.in that causes configure to not use the path a user gave for the static libavcodec library. If you want to link against a static libavcodec (which is not recommended, it's primary use is for debugging) the easiest fix to is change the single occurence of '$ffmpeg_libs_libs_l' to '$ffmpeg_libs_l' in configure.

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