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Highlights of the 0.6.14 release

See bottom of this page for bugs reported in this release!


filter_pp to build optimized code with gcc-2.95. parameters. (Erik Slagter) by export_ffmpeg. in export_ffmpeg. (Erik Slagter) transcode sources to reflect this, and make sure the user has the proper version. other LVE build issues corrected. warning at configure time and do not allow the accelerated code to be called if nasm is not found at configure time. always writes to './stream.yuv'. (Erik Slagter) libac3/bitstream.c. (Robin Hill) IMPORTANT

Read INSTALL throughly or you won't be able to install transcode!

Bugs reported for this release:

There is a typo in configure.in that causes configure to not use the path a user gave for the static libavcodec library. If you want to link against a static libavcodec (which is not recommended, it's primary use is for debugging) the easiest fix to is change the single occurence of '$ffmpeg_libs_libs_l' to '$ffmpeg_libs_l' in configure.

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